[darcs-users] unrecord doesn't remove adds?

Ketil Malde ketil at ii.uib.no
Mon Nov 22 11:58:04 UTC 2004

Just a quick observation of strange(?) behaviour -- unrecording keeps
wanting to add files.  Not sure it is a problem, or that I understand
things correctly, it just seems unexpected.


sefirot:~/work/sammendrag % darcs unrecord

Mon Nov 22 09:34:20 CET 2004  ketil at ii.uib.no
  * added cls file (testing)
Shall I unrecord this patch? [yNvq?] y
Finished unrecording.

sefirot:~/work/sammendrag % darcs what -s
M ./main.tex -1 +1
A ./mybook.cls
M ./preface.tex -1 +1
A ./test.ignore


BTW, I was developing my document, along with a modified .cls file
(for you non-LaTeXers, this describes the style for your document,
specifying header generation and stuff).

A bit late, it struck me that this .cls file belongs more properly in
~/lib/tex.  So I go there, darcs init & pull the relevant changes.  I
then unrecord the changes in the document repo, and voilà, I have
split my repository in two.

Is this a sensible thing to do?  I guess this could be dangerous if
the unrecorded patches had been distributed, no?  This kind of
functionality is neat and useful, I think -- in particular, I wish
David would do it and make the FPS library a standalone thing (I made
a halfhearted attempt once...but I digress)

One little problem with this, is that some patches affect more than
the split off file - these will be ignored.  Would it be possible to
"slice" these and pull the parts that affect the relevant files, only?

Or should I simply pull everything, and delete the stuff I don't want
in each of the repositories?

Anyway, a 'best practice' for this kind of task should probably be
documented in the Wiki (or elsewhere).

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