[darcs-users] Colin Walters blogs on Arch changesets vs Darcs

Colin Walters walters at verbum.org
Wed Nov 24 06:35:50 UTC 2004

On Wed, 2004-11-24 at 16:12 +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:

> The same thing happens in arch, no? 

Arch will handle it, because the changeset will be against the logical
id of the original foo/Makefile.

> ie, the newly created Makefile might 
> have the same contents, but it's a different logical file, so patches 
> against the original Makefile don't go to the right place.

Arch doesn't refer at all to file contents for this, except for looking
for an arch-tag: header if the project has enabled that.

> The way to handle it in darcs is via:
>     $ mkdir foo
>     $ darcs add foo
>     $ for a in Makefile foo.c bar.c; do darcs mv $a foo/$a; done
>     $ cp foo/Makefile ./Makefile
>     $ darcs add Makefile
>     $ darcs record -p 'move sources to subdir'

Very similar in Arch.

> Then when you get a patch against the original release, darcs will first 
> commute it with the 'move sources to subdir' patch, 

I guess this is what I didn't quite get at first; how does Darcs know to
commute it?  The answer is apparently provided by Quag, in that some
sort of history is sent along with the patch.

> For comparison, I like darcs because it's really simple, so adding merge 
> operators to Arch doesn't seem like a win in any way to me :)

Well, I think Arch could be made simpler for simple cases; I gather
that's what the Bazaar branch is working on.  Certainly it's possible to
imagine adding the ability to merge archives and working directories in
Arch, and then later providing the ability to split them apart when the
project grows large.  I think it would be much harder for Darcs to gain
the notion of archives.  My fundamental point (that you trimmed from
your reply) is that it seems to me that Darcs cannot scale in its
current form.

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