[darcs-users] Wishlist: execute permissions

Manfred Lotz manfred.lotz at web.de
Thu Nov 25 06:26:03 UTC 2004

After reading many of the suggestions made in this list I come to the
conclusion that it is best to have an execute file analogous to boring
which resides in _darcs/prefs. Somebody made this suggestion already, I
forgot his name.

The file _darcs/prefs/execute could have entries like this:

# this is a comment
# some recursive indicator would be useful to make sure 
# a pattern is looked for in subdirectories also
*.rb	rec

Then all files matching the patterns in _darcs/prefs/execute would receive
the x-bit (provided the underlying OS supports it). 

This has to be done for get and pull. Did I miss any command where it
should apply also?

For the time being I use a script darcs_execute which does it for me.
Comment lines are not supported at the moment. The script is supposed to
be started in the root directory of the darcs repository. Anything in
directory _darcs and below is ignored.

#! /bin/sh


test ! -f _darcs/prefs/execute && exit 1

while read fspec recspec
        test  ! "$recspec" = "rec"  && DEPTH="-maxdepth 1"
        find . $DEPTH -name "$fspec" | \
        egrep -v "\.\/_darcs" | \  
        while read f
                chmod $VERBOSE +x $f
done < _darcs/prefs/execute


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