[darcs-users] Re: Mirroring a CVS repository (one-way, but not one-ti

Lele Gaifax lele at nautilus.homeip.net
Thu Nov 25 07:59:57 UTC 2004

>>>>> "Mark" == Mark Stosberg <mark at summersault.com> writes:

    Mark> On 2004-11-23, Stephane Bortzmeyer <bortzmeyer at nic.fr>
    Mark> wrote:
    >>  did not find the right cvsps revision in
    >> '/home/bortzmeyer/tmp/src-darcs'

    Mark> I would check the version of cvsps you have installed,
    Mark> versus what the script expects. I would also file a bug for
    Mark> tailor.py to fail more gracefully in this case.

Hi, I'm tailor.py author, and I'm willing to fix this... I'm back from
a one-week vacation, and slowly updating myself :)

Please note that I consider cvsps "obsolete" (and wrong, in some
cases), and tailor does not use it anymore with "cvs" source kind (it
does when you specify "cvsps").

Please keep me informed if the problem persist.

ciao, lele.
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