[darcs-users] Re: darcs on windows

David Roundy droundy at abridgegame.org
Sat Nov 27 13:45:41 UTC 2004

On Fri, Nov 26, 2004 at 06:16:41PM -0800, B. Suter wrote:
> Dear Mr. Roundy,

Especially windows-related questions are better sent to darcs-users than to
me directly, as I don't have a windows system, and the windows-related
development on darcs is done by others.

> I had read about Darcs some time ago and finally got around to giving it a
> try (on my Windows XP box). I'm still trying to get my head around various
> aspects (such as branching, and having the repo in the working directory)
> and figure this is best achieved by using the tool and reading the docs
> and mailing list archives. I have done all three but have been unable to
> move past a problem with "darcs push", which is described below. I'm
> excited to be using darcs and am grateful for your effort in creating this
> new (for me) tool - hopefully there is a simple solution to my problem.
> =====================================================
> First question/problem:
> What I have done so far (leading up to my current problem):
> 1. Added darcs.exe to my path
> 2. Created a "test1" directory and run "darcs init"
> 3. Added a few files and one folder to "test1", then ran "darcs add" for
> the initial commit.
> 4. Made some changes, recorded these, used whatsnew, etc.
> 5. Created a "test1m1" directory and run "darcs get ..\test1" succesfully
> 6. Made some changes in the "test1m1" repo (or branch), recorded these
> 7. Switched to "test1" and then ran "darcs pull ..\test1m1" succesfully
> 9. Made some more changs in the "test1" repo, recorded these
> 10. Tried to "darcs push --dry-run ..\test1", the output:
> 	Pushing to ../test1...
> 	Would push the following changes:
> 	Fri Nov 26 17:39:54 Pacific Standard Time 2004 xxxx at yyyy.zzz
> 	  * Changed the welcome message, v3.
> 	Making no changes:  this is a dry run.
> 11. tried to "darcs push ..\test1", the output:
> 	Pushing to ../test1...
> 	Fri Nov 26 17:39:54 Pacific Standard Time 2004  xxxx at yyyy.zzz
> 	  * Changed the welcome message, v3.
> 	Shall I push this patch? (1/1) [ynWvxqadjk?]
> 	darcs failed:  Error applying patch to recorded!
> I have run "darcs check" on both repos; tried specifying the
> repo-dir for the push; eliminated white spaces from the repository
> path; used absolute path for the target repo; read some possibly related
> mailing list threads. Do you have any advice for me at this point?

I think this problem with push is now fixed, so if you get one of the daily
builds of darcs, it should work.

There are a couple of workarounds.  One is to simply use pull.  Another is
to use a different shell.  I seem to recall that the cygwin or msys shells
don't have this problem while the builtin windows shell does.

> =====================================================
> Second question:
> I understand that the "proper" way to handle branching in Darcs is to
> create a separate repo for each new branch. How can I compare two
> branches/repos, to for example see the difference between the "heads" of
> each branch?

You can use darcs push/pull --dry-run.
David Roundy

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