[darcs-users] fixing conflicts in darcs

Erik Bågfors zindar at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 06:56:37 UTC 2004


I'm new to darcs (but already submitted a 2 byte patch to cvs2darcs :)
) comming from cvs which I really don't like very much.  I've looked 
at SVN which looked like just a better cvs, then at arch, which was to
complex, then I found darcs and it really seems awesome.  Simple to
use and still powerfull.  Really great. Please don't add to much
complexity to it, part of it's attraction is that it's simple to use.

However, I do have a question regarding how to solve conflicts in
darcs. I appoligize if this has been answered but I couldn't find an
obvious answer.

In cvs, since it's centralized I simply don't checkin/submit until I
don't have any conflicts.  but in darcs I do my records on my local
repository and then when I'm about to push/send I get my conflicts,
but then they appear in a already "submitted (recorded)" patch. To
solve the conflics I've been doing a new "record" and then my
send/push.  The   problem with this is that I get patches that create
conflicts, then patches that only fixes conflicts.  I would prefer to
change the conflicting patch instead.

Just to make it real clear, here's an example. I do patch A, B, C and
D.  Then I pull a new version of the remote repo, I then get a
conflict in patch B (btw, how do I know it's in B?) and I have to
create a new patch, E to solve B's conflict.  I'd like to modify B

Thanks for any answer!


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