[darcs-users] Developer machine spec for Linux kernel w/ darcs

Jim Hague jim at fluffy.bear-cave.org.uk
Tue Nov 30 00:00:44 UTC 2004

I'm a complete newcomer to darcs. Reading the manual and tutorial it looks
just like what I want for doing occasional driver work on the Linux kernel.

The problem is that when I try and get the kernel repository linked from
the Darcs home page, darcs chews memory until nuked by the out of memory
killer. I realise it is memory-hungry; what I want to know is some idea
of how much memory I actually need. I've searched the mailing list
archives, and also found the Wiki performance page where
David Roundy (serious respect, sir) guesses it could require 1Gb, but
I have seen another message where someone suggests they succeeded with
256Mb + 660Mb swap.

My development machine is currently 256Mb + 2 x 490Mb swap areas. Would
upgrading it to 512Mb be likely to work or do I really need 1Gb? Can
anyone report a working 256Mb or 512Mb configuration that does successfully
get the Linux kernel, and if so are you building darcs with the
-enable-antimemoize option? Basically I'm keen to get this working, but
need a solid data point on just how I'm much I'm going to need to beef
up my configuration.

Thanks in advance.
Jim Hague - jim at bear-cave.org.uk          Never trust a computer you can't lift.

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