[darcs-users] Option to set where darcs push searches remote darcs command

Mariusz Gniazdowski refuse at wp.pl
Wed Mar 2 20:49:24 UTC 2005

On my commercial shell i do not have root privileges and i installed
darcs to ~/bin. I have bash there. Darcs push runs just 'darcs' thru ssh
so only /bin, /usr/bin, etc. are searched for darcs. Operation ends
with: 'darcs: command not found'.
As i use bash and do not want to ask my administrator to provide zsh i
cant modify environment before 'darcs' command is invoked.
- sh -c 'darcs' does not have --login option, so no ~/.bash_profile is
- sh -c 'darcs' is bash runned as 'sh', and as the bash manual says:
       --norc Do  not read and execute the personal initialization file
       ~/.bashrc if the shell is interactive.  This option is on by
       default if the shell is invoked as sh.
So there is no way to modify env.

Can be option to customize what is runned remotley provided? For example
this works:
ssh foo at foo.net \~/bin/darcs

Mariusz Gniazdowski

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