[darcs-users] first impressions on a 'darcs send' to a special email address workflow

Phil Frost indigo at bitglue.com
Thu Mar 3 02:19:24 UTC 2005

I've just configured my system to pipe mail for a user into darcs apply,
and I'm using the --reply option set to my email address. Here are a few
confusions and troubles I encountered along the way.

It was a bit of a pain to configure everything, especially the MTA, but
this is a fair price to pay. I like the ability to run the tests on the
server, but I would have much prefered to run them on the server with
just "darcs push".

It took a while to discover that --verbose makes the generated replies
more useful. I would have expected the non-verbose output to at least
include the name of the patch, though.

darcs apply -h says this:

      --compress                     create compressed patches
      --dont-compress                don't create compressed patches

So, I guess the patches stored in the repo can be compressed. That's
good, but I was rather suprised because I was expecting an option to
compress the patches sent over email.

I'm not entirely sure how the --reply option behaves in all cases. The
manual in the 'best practices' says this:

    The third line [apply happy-forwarding] makes darcs not complain
    about unsigned patches, but just to forward them to darcs-devel.

I'm not sure why they get forwarded to darcs-devel. The docs indicate
that the 'reply' option specifies the "from" address for replies. But it
also seems if an apply fails, either because of --verify is used, or the
tests fail, that the patch is instead sent to the reply address?

I discovered through experimentation what happy-forwarding does; I found
the documentation insufficient.

However, dispite all these weirdnesses, I'm pretty happy how I have it
working now. I'm pleased with darcs and the only thing I don't like
about it is how it's made be frustrated with using svn at work.

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