[darcs-users] sending notices when a repo changes

Pedro Melo melo at simplicidade.org
Thu Mar 3 12:04:48 UTC 2005


On 3/mar/2005, at 04:37, Phil Frost wrote:

> I would like to write one, but I am not sure how to best do it. The
> first problem is I know of no way to run a command when the repo has
> changed. Because I always modify my repo with 'darcs send' to a pipe
> delivery, I could run the program there, but this is not a good 
> solution
> for people that have not configured darcs like this.

What you want is hooks. It would be great.

I don't know if they are planned or not. In the meantime, you might get 
away with a fake test script. Just ping your notification server from 
that script.

Should work. I'm setting up something like that, I that's how I plan to 
do it eventualy (I need similar things).

You could even run your tests and if they are sucessfull, ping your 
notification server.

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