[darcs-users] Working with unified diffs

Jan-Benedict Glaw jbglaw at lug-owl.de
Mon Mar 7 18:27:19 UTC 2005


I'm about to do some GNU toolchain hacking, with the help of Darcs. I've
got some questions here which IMHO aren't yet covered in the wiki. This
is all about externally handling (unified) diffs:

- Assume I get an unified diff from someone, which would apply cleanly
  to my current Darcs repo. What's the easiest method of "importing" it
  as one patch? This should include file additions and deletions. I
  don't care about file renames (just let them be add+delete). I don't
  care about patch metadata here at all.

- What's the easiest way exporting (as unified diff) the whole
  difference between this Darcs repo and another one (which the local
  repo was originally copied/got from)? This way, others could get
  unified diffs in a "feature-based" manner, given that I'll always only
  implement one "feature" in one repo (HDD space isn't much of a problem

Thanks, JBG

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