[darcs-users] Re: Request for comments: command description and documentation patch

David Roundy droundy at abridgegame.org
Tue Mar 8 13:21:22 UTC 2005

I liked most of Zander's comments, but am replying to this one because it's
shorter (and I'd take longer if I replied to Zander).

On the 80 character limit, it's hard to say what to do.  We could gain a
bit by always shortening repository to repo.  I think that's not a bad
thing to do grammatically, and if it's done consistently, I don't think
it'll look bad.  Sentences that use repo twice would lose twelve characters
that way...

Another possibility, which I don't particularly care for, would be to allow
newlines in the short description.  Perhaps better would be to do something
like ending short descriptions that are considered too terse with ...

So, as a very extreme example, rollback might be

"Record a rollback patch..."

with the ... implying that you need to read more to see what exactly it
does.  Perhaps something like this would be better than having to fudge in
the short description on what exactly a command does.

On Mon, Mar 07, 2005 at 05:16:04PM +0100, Tommy Pettersson wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 07, 2005 at 04:25:36PM +0100, Peter Hercek wrote:
> > It would be a good idea to define terms:
> >  * working directory - I used "local copy" in this sense; consists of
> >    the files/directories in the latest version plus unrecorded local
> >    modifications (with some metadata for patches revert/unrevert)
> >  * local repository - stores recorded patches localy
> >  * remote repository - any other repository (together with its "remote
> >    directory")
> I think 'local repository' and 'remote repository' in most
> cases can be just 'the repository' and 'another repository'.
> Like: "pull patches from another repository to the repository",
> or just "pull patches from another repository".  The words
> 'local' and 'remote' makes me think of different computers
> on a network.

Perhaps either "the" or "this" repository for the local repository, with
"this" being used when there is another repository involved.

(Ignore contents of sentences below, just the grammar and
the/this/other/another usage.)

"Copy patch from this repostory to another repository."
"Delete patch from the repository."
"Create a new repository which is a copy of this repository."

David Roundy

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