[darcs-users] Re: a bash tip for easily excluding the _darcs directory

Ralph Corderoy ralph at inputplus.co.uk
Wed Mar 9 16:10:44 UTC 2005

Hi Jamie,

> find . -path '*/_darcs/*' -prune -o -print0 | xargs -0 grep string
> > I also wasn't clear what '/dev/null' did, so I removed it. :)
> It prevents grep reading from stdin if find doesn't match anything.
> This should never happen though because find will always match at
> least '.'.

It also makes grep print the filename of the matching file if xargs has
supplied just one file.  `grep pat foo' doesn't prefix the matching
lines with `foo:'.

If grep were to read from stdin it would snaffle some of find's output
from xargs which wouldn't be welcome.

    $ seq 1 10000 | xargs perl -le "system('cat -n')" | sed 3q   
         1  1195
         2  1196
         3  1197

And it's not really a good idea to pass lots of directory names to grep.
Some greps don't like it.  Some Unixes let you read a directory as if
it's a binary file of (inode, filename) tuples.  find can easily filter
those out with -file.



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