[darcs-users] Re: Installing darcs on Mac OS X Jaguar

Anders Conradi beque at telia.com
Fri Mar 11 09:00:22 UTC 2005

On fredag, mar 11, 2005, at 03:25 Europe/Stockholm, Mark Stosberg wrote:

> On 2005-03-10, Anders Conradi <beque at telia.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I would like to try darcs. To be able to do that I need to install it
>> on my iBook which is running MacOSX 10.2.8. I have tried  Darwinports,
>> but the ghc port seems to be broken. It tries to build ghc with a
>> ghc-bootstrap that is linked to libreadline 4, while darwinports
>> installs libreadline 5. At least that's what I think the error message
>> said. Then I got really frustrated, especially since darwinport  
>> litters
>> files in my /System directory, and removed darwinports and tried to
>> build ghc myself. I am however stuck, since I'm not able to build the
>> right version of gmp.
>> Is there anyone that can tell me how to install darcs on Mac OS X  
>> 10.2?
> Why not try one of the binaries linked from the wiki?
> http://www.scannedinavian.org/DarcsWiki/CategoryBinaries#head- 
> b88d749382058804b880d446014615064e03e25a

I totally missed the Wiki. Now I have tried, but they didn't work.
* http://membres.lycos.fr/schaffner/prog/darcs-darwin-1.0.1.gz
This one is linked to very specific versions of some libraries in  
/usr/lib, libssl0.9.7 and libcrypto0.9.7, while I only have  
libxxx.0.9.dylib versions. Perhaps I could symlink, but that seems ugly.

Here the same crypto and ssl libraries are needed. It also needs  
libcurl.2.dylib and the HaskellSupport framework. I have extracted the  
haskell support framework from the latest GHC package, but I don't have  

Is there someone who runs darcs on mac os x 10.2 that can tell me how  
to do it?

> It looks like there are some recent ones there (1.0.1 and 1.0.2).
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