[darcs-users] Warning before adding huge file?

Thomas Zander zander at kde.org
Sun Mar 13 09:05:50 UTC 2005

On Sunday 13 March 2005 09:06, Sean Perry wrote:
> I am a little curious. Why are you trying to store images in the
> revision system?

While Andrew will probably have a different story I'd like to answer as well 
since I see this question coming up often enough.
Darcs has a unique way of moving 'things' around between multiple 
repositories and darcs specialises in revision control.

I have a to-read stack on my machine.  This effectively is a directory with 
URLs or webarchives (konqueror plugin that creates one-file backups of a 
remote html page).  So I add files whenever a friend/colleague sends me a 
link I should read or when I simply find an interresting link on /.
I need this dir on my workstations as well as on my laptop, and they should 
be in sync. Deletes made on my laptop should be visible on my workstations 
as well. Because of the disconnected nature of this stuff rsync can't do it 
(it assumes a master-slave).

You probably already get the idea;  darcs is really good in the disconnected 
department and the source-revision stuff is not needed for this project at 
all.  Which means your question above misses a very unique and quite usable 
feature of darcs: The ability to do an n-point-sync.

Sorry for the off-topic :)
Thomas Zander
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