[darcs-users] Forkin' universe

Luke Gorrie luke at synap.se
Sun Mar 13 18:26:14 UTC 2005


Some of us would like to put a copy of all the interesting programs we
use into Darcs repos so that we can hack on them and exchange patches
separately from the real development. The darcs repos should push/pull
to each other and also get a feed from the "upstream" CVS

Has anyone done something like this? Should it work?

We attempted it like this:

  Use 'tailor' to mirror all the CVS trees into "pristine" darcs
  repos. This gives us one repo per project.

  Create one local repo and 'pull' from each of the pristine repos to
  get baseline code. Hack our own local changes in.

  Keep in sync by pulling from one another's repos and from the
  pristine repos.

Bad things are happening. We seem to be losing files from the repos,
for example. I heard on #darcs that what we're doing is fundamentally
wrong - that all our repos need to have one common ancestor and we
can't just go pulling from lots of random ones. This sounds weird to
me since I'd expect there to be an implied "null" common ancestor.

Are we on fundamentally the wrong track? If not we can post more
details about the state of our repos.

P.S., the repos are fairly big, one is here:

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