[darcs-users] [BUG] impossible case during unpull/unrecord

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Mon Mar 14 07:00:05 UTC 2005

I noticed a junk file got in my repo somehow. So I recorded a file 
removal. Then I changed my mind; I want to understand this better and 
not check in random patches that aren't in the other repos synced with 
this one.

But unrecording fails:

$ darcs unrecord

Sun Mar 13 22:49:38 PST 2005  simon at joyful.com
   * Editing.py~ shouldn't be in here
Shall I unrecord this patch? [yNvq?] y

Fail: bug in darcs!
Impossible case at Unrevert.lhs:158 compiled 17:49:07 Sep  2 2004
Please report this to darcs-users at abridgegame.org

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