[darcs-users] New To Darcs

Chayim I. Kirshen chayim at gnupower.net
Mon Mar 14 12:59:25 UTC 2005

Hi there!  I'm new to darcs, and full of questions now that I've read the
manual, FAQs, and various websites.  And,  apologize in advance for the
tmda bounce you'll get by responding to me (spam issues and all that).

I'm wondering if anyone can help me answer the following questions:

1. How can I run post commit triggers?  I want to send the patch absorbed
by the repo to a list of acceptable users.  We're sharing our repo on a
webdav disk that's using apache's htaccess, so authorized users can push
or pull, but we all want to see the changes.

2. Does anyone have a darcs client for Linux arm?  I'd love to run this
thing on my Zaurus =)

3. When doing a darcs remove <file> and then submitting, if someone else
pulls does the file still exist in the revision control log?  I realize
that the file gets removed from other clients (as it should!), but I
wanted to know if we'll still be able to go back to the version that had
that file present (like bk).

4. Can darcs assign it's own changeset name rather than me?  It makes more
sense for the system to use a cset number (and possible renumber if
necessary) than for a user to use a name, at least in my mind.

5. How can I get the list of tags?

thanks in advance!  I look forward to using darcs more.


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