[darcs-users] Re: changeset-name-hook... :)

Gerhard Siegesmund jerri at jerri.de
Tue Mar 15 17:32:22 UTC 2005

Hello darcs-users

> > 4. Can darcs assign it's own changeset name rather than me?  It makes more
> > sense for the system to use a cset number (and possible renumber if
> > necessary) than for a user to use a name, at least in my mind.
> I find the human generated names are very human friendly. :) Darcs does
> not generate patch names for you, but I suppose if you wanted to, you
> could script such that patch names used were generated from somewhere
> else. I haven't heard of anyone doing that so far. 

This might also be a cool place to add hooks to. So you can define your
patchname by some sort of script.

This would be cool e.g. to always add a prefix to the patchname to
mark all patches you did in a certain branch. Or is there another way
to do this? Right now I think, if you create a branch and then push all
changes to the main repository you are not longer able to see which
patches were made in a certain branch, or are you?

btw: Sorry for capturing this thread. :)

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