[darcs-users] Re: changeset-name-hook... :)

Mark Stosberg mark at summersault.com
Wed Mar 16 03:56:19 UTC 2005

On 2005-03-15, Gerhard Siegesmund <jerri at jerri.de> wrote:
> This might also be a cool place to add hooks to. So you can define your
> patchname by some sort of script.
> This would be cool e.g. to always add a prefix to the patchname to
> mark all patches you did in a certain branch. Or is there another way
> to do this? Right now I think, if you create a branch and then push all
> changes to the main repository you are not longer able to see which
> patches were made in a certain branch, or are you?

I already do something like this at work by including a bug tracking
ticket number in the name. Example:

 RT#123 my bug fix.

What's great is that darcs has the ability to select patches by name in
many places, so it's easy to express "launch all the patches related to
ticket #123".

I find that the branch origin isn't very interesting, but rather which
task it belongs to, which is what the ticket numbers are for.

Besides, often times you want the same patches to be in 'stable' and
'development' versions, so having the branch mentioned in the patch name
could be confusing.



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