[darcs-users] darcs pushes whole repo - problem

Gour darcs_users at atmarama.org
Wed Mar 16 11:24:19 UTC 2005


Yesterday while working on a web site I've noticed a problem while
trying to push latest patches from working-dir-repo into

There were only few patches, but darcs pushed the whole repo making
main-repo corrupted.

Being busy, I just removed main-repo ('cause working-dir repo was get-ed
with the whole history :-) and then just get-ed the repo back into
main-repo from working-dir-repo.

Today, I also noticed that 'darcs push --dry-run -v' listed the whole

What could be the reason for such behaviour?

I also noticed that my main-repo have two 'almost' same entries for
repos, i.e:

gour  ~/projects/www/jyotish/head/_darcs/prefs $ cat repos

gour  ~/projects/www/jyotish/head/_darcs/prefs $ cat defaultrepo

I'm interested how did the 2nd entry (with the slash at the end) entered
as a repo and what (if any) consequences it might have in a problem I
have with pushing into main-repo?



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