[darcs-users] darcs pushes whole repo - problem

Gour darcs_users at atmarama.org
Wed Mar 16 14:06:01 UTC 2005

David Roundy (droundy at abridgegame.org) wrote:

> This sounds very weird.  It looks like you've got some sort of corruption
> of a sort that I haven't seen before.  Might you have gotten two patches
> with identical patch IDs somehow? Or perhaps two tags? i


> I'm guessing in the dark here, because I can't really imagine what
> could cause the symptoms you describe.


> What happens if you do a pull --dry-run rather than a push? You ought to
> get the same answer, but since it looks sort of like an error reading the
> inventory, perhaps pull will behave differently.

Well, now there are no more old corrupted repo so I cannot say.

> Could I take a look at these repositories? It may be that tarball form will
> be necesary, if they're corrupt (as seems likely to be the case).

Well, the whole working-dir-repo is around 100MB (web site with many
pics) and I removed (yesterday) corrupted main-repo.

So, can working-repo help you somehow? 

I'm asking 'cause I'm not sure which repo was/is problematic, i.e. does
working-dir repo casued corruption of main-repo, or corrupted main-repo
caused faulty behaviour of working-dir-repo -------->  main-repo?

If you think, that the present workin-dir-repo which contains the whole
history can help you, I'll upload it online?

> Also, is this a local push? I guess so, from below...

Yes, everything was local.

> Is this on any sort of a weird filesystem (e.g. nfs) that might affect
> results? As I say, I'm shooting in the dark here...

No, normal ReiserFS (3.6.x)

> This shouldn't be a problem.  The trailing slash is harmless, and probably
> just comes from tab completion.  Darcs ought to be smart enough not to add
> that in as a separate repository, but apparently it isn't.



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