[darcs-users] Re: argh. please change the name "unpull"

Yuval Kogman nothingmuch at woobling.org
Thu Mar 17 23:14:07 UTC 2005

On Thu, Mar 17, 2005 at 22:17:06 +0000, Mark Stosberg wrote:

> In all cases the patch is applied with 'apply' at some point, which is
> why  I think I'm leaving my vote on 'unapply'.

I think that despite the fact that patches are 'applied' when you do
them yourself (in which case they were applied and then recorded as
such), and patches that are implicitly applied when you pull or push
them, it is a conceptual barrier that most people only start getting
used to in darcs several weeks into it.

I think it also implies that while the patch is unapplied, only it's
effect is forgotten, but perhaps the patch itself is still
somewhere, in which case it is a bit like rollback.

I vote for 'forget' because it illustrates the lossyness of the
process. Once this repo forgets it, darcs can't help you find it,
unless you pull it in from somewhere.

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