[darcs-users] Re: argh. please change the name "unpull"

Jean Jordaan jean at upfrontsystems.co.za
Fri Mar 18 11:30:30 UTC 2005

> So the principle of having un-xxx as being the exact opposite
> operation is of course also helpful. And for a n00b pull is the
> likely opposite (when you start using push and apply, you have
> learned more), so given that - yes, unpull is perhaps quite good
> after all. :)

Too much second-guessing. The n00b might be Larry Bitkeeper
giving darcs a spin for the first time. And if un-xxx is the
exact opposite of one command (e.g. pull), it shouldn't be usable
to revert the effect of a different command (e.g. apply).

So un... is bad if it implies a symmetry that doesn't really

Jean Jordaan

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