[darcs-users] Re: darcs annotate format obscures the code

Mark Stosberg mark at summersault.com
Sun Mar 20 03:20:36 UTC 2005

> One of my questions here is... does anyone use this and like this?  Its
> possible I'm just used to the CVS/SVK format and not using the darcs
> format to its fullest.

I have never found the darcs annotate format useful, and have been been
able to browse annotations with it in a useful way. I agree the SVK
format is much better. 

One darcsism that may get in the way is that darcs allows much longer
names than what appears is a standard SVN username. Some truncation
might need to happen there.  

> This could be put into a .darcsrc file so each user can customize their own
> annotation format.  However I believe custom annotation formats are probably 
> YAGNI (Ya Ain't Gonna Need It).

Yes. I would be happy with one improved annotation format, at least for



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