[darcs-users] Bitkeeper and Eclipse questions

Alexander Staubo alex at byzantine.no
Sun Mar 20 03:54:20 UTC 2005

Mark Greenbank wrote:
> 2) Is there an Eclipse plugin for darcs? Is anyone working on one?

I am working on a plugin. I started on this last year, but had to put 
the project on ice due to a lack of time; it's now back on track.

The project is divided into two parts: The plugin proper, plus an 
independent Java wrapper around Darcs.

The plugin is not ready for general use yet, though I have a basic level 
of local repo synchronization support done. I'm tackling local 
interaction first; push/pull to external repos comes later.

I'm preparing to make the wrapper code repo public in case anyone's 
interested in scripting Darcs from Java, or in contributing code.


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