[darcs-users] darcs annotate format obscures the code

Jamie Webb j at jmawebb.cjb.net
Sun Mar 20 13:31:07 UTC 2005

On Sun, Mar 20, 2005 at 12:33:21PM +0000, Ralph Corderoy wrote:
> I'm certain unique identifiers should be integers from 1 in time order.
> That way, seeing `4' and `6' tells you 6 is more recent and exactly one
> thing happened inbetween.

Indeed. I think this is a generally useful way to identify patches,
and I'd frequently prefer to refer to patches by number (even though
it's repository-specific) than by regex.

> The first line that doesn't match /^[ 1-9]/ will always be the end of
> file line so something more simple like `.' as used by ed(1), SMTP,
> etc., may be less noisy.  Alternatively, allow the explanation of the
> numbers to be in a separate file.

I'd rather see the numbers in the output of darcs changes. That way I
can run annotate in one window and changes in another. Modification of
the repo shouldn't be a problem because a) presumably this is usually
being done in a private copy and b) any new patches will just get
higher numbers.

Possibly changes needs a --filter option to cause it to only show
changes related to the given file, to avoid having to search through
excessively long change lists. That would be useful in other
circumstances too.

-- Jamie Webb

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