[darcs-users] Eclipse plugin (was: Bitkeeper and Eclipse questions)

Leif Frenzel himself at leiffrenzel.de
Sun Mar 20 15:14:51 UTC 2005

> I certainly am interested in pulling what you have as soon as possible.
> We (the vexi project) have a couple members that have discussed writing
> our own, and would be interested in contributing to the eclipse plugin
> effort.

Luckily it's weekend, so I had a little time to tidy up the code a bit and
load it up. It's a pre-alpha development snapshot, so please don't try it on
any productive repo :-)

I have set up a temporary repository at http://leiffrenzel.de/eclipsedarcs/
It contains the Eclipse projects. There is also an update site at
http://leiffrenzel.de/eclipse/site.xml which has the current state (version
0.0.2) ready to install from the Update Manager (which should be more
convenient than doing the full build). Choose the 'EclipseDarcs' category.

What it can do (so far):

- There is a 'Darcs repository browsing' perspective analogous to the 'CVS
Repository Browsing' perspective. Currently, only repos on the local disk
can be selected as locations.

- You can share projects (i.e. connect them to the underlying repo).
Connected projects have:
  - an option to disconnect
  - decorators that show with images at the project's files and folders
whether they are under version control (usually, they must be enabled with
Window > Preferences > General > Label Decorations > Darcs)
  - an action to add files to version control (performs darcs add)
  - an action to record.

The latter is actually very crude at the moment, it just records everything,
but it's a start. Eventually, recording should use the synchronization UI
and hopefully allow to record single changes (not just all changes in one
file). I have started to look into that, but the code related to that is not
yet working at all.

At the moment I'm working on getting things more stable. There are issues
with the refreshes of the decorator icons, and with making the _darcs folder
team-private (== invisible in the workspace).

I have a bit of an initial milestone plan in the folder
de.leiffrenzel.eclipsedarcs-feature/INTERNAL/docs/Milestones.txt, and there
is also a sketch of the project description I intend to send to sourceforge
when I create the project there (which I think I'll do in the next days).
Once the thing is at sf, there will also be a mailing list.

The license is EPL 1.0 (Eclipse Public License).


> -Tupshin

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