[darcs-users] [darcs #225] Add new put command complementary to get.

Mark Stosberg via RT bugs at darcs.net
Sun Mar 20 16:51:44 UTC 2005

I want to note in the ticket that there are some details about 'darcs
put' that deserve further attention before this feature is released in
darcs "stable":

- darcs put ./repo1 ./repo2 is not symettric with how darcs get works
and probably should be. 

- darcs put ../other_repo prompts for specific patches by default. I
expected it to work like 'get'. I think of 'get' as working  on a whole
repo (or a large collection of patches). Thus, the "get" options of
"--to-match" and "--to-patch" seem more appropriate than the current
"--matches" and "--patches".

It would be great if more users could try out this feature and see what
they think. 


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