[darcs-users] Eclipse plugin

Tupshin Harper tupshin at tupshin.com
Sun Mar 20 22:27:07 UTC 2005

Leif Frenzel wrote:

>>I certainly am interested in pulling what you have as soon as possible.
>>We (the vexi project) have a couple members that have discussed writing
>>our own, and would be interested in contributing to the eclipse plugin
>Luckily it's weekend, so I had a little time to tidy up the code a bit and
>load it up. It's a pre-alpha development snapshot, so please don't try it on
>any productive repo :-)
Cool...thanks....it looks like a great start.

In addition to the things you mentioned, the three notable things that I 
see missing are:
1) unrecord
2) unpull
3) tracking file renames

That last one would be a great complement to eclipse's refactoring 

Btw...thanks for creating the eclipse update site. It makes trying it 
out so much easier.


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