[darcs-users] example of annotate.py alternative output

Kannan Goundan cakoose at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 21 01:41:21 UTC 2005

Mark Stossberg wrote:

>   autrijusa3: #!/usr/bin/perl
>               use strict;
> perl6-comp12: use warnings;


> I bet I can guess what's happening here: The lines with patch ideas

> next them to are indicating the last patch to change the line. The 
> lines with no token next them have always been there.

Actually, lines with no token are from the same patch as the previous
line.  The first two lines are from the "autrijusa3" patch.

I thought combining contiguous lines would make the output clearer (I
think I remember some CVS web tool using this technique).  On the
other hand, if it isn't obvious maybe it isn't a good idea.

- Kannan

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