[darcs-users] .darcs is portable

Fabian Knittel fabian.knittel at avona.com
Mon Mar 21 09:37:16 UTC 2005

Michael G Schwern schrieb:
> Just to make a point of fact, I've seen it repeated here a few times that
> having a .darcs/ directory would introduce a problem under Windows.  I can
> tell you that it would not.  Windows has no problem with .foo style files
> and directories.  [...]

I noticed the following download description on the TortoiseSVN page:

"Version for NT4/Win2k/XP (special version! We provide NO 
support for this!) uses _svn folders instead of .svn to work around the 
VS.NET bug with web projects. If you don't use web projects then please 
use the official version. Note: working copies created by this version 
are incompatible with other Subversion clients!"

So apparently the problem doesn't affect _all_ windows clients. But 
someone else will have to fill in the details, as the above is all I've 
heard about it.


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