[darcs-users] .darcs is portable

Michael G Schwern schwern at pobox.com
Mon Mar 21 12:19:15 UTC 2005

On Mon, Mar 21, 2005 at 10:37:16AM +0100, Fabian Knittel wrote:
> So apparently the problem doesn't affect _all_ windows clients. But 
> someone else will have to fill in the details, as the above is all I've 
> heard about it.

It only effects Visual Studio .NET web projects, not Windows itself nor even
all VS.NET projects.  It has been fixed in VS.NET 2005.  The SVN folks 
provide a work around.


TortoiseSVN doesn't work with VS.NET web projects?

VS.NET when used with web projects can't handle the .svn folders Subversion uses to store its internal information. This is not a bug in Subversion. The bug is in VS.NET and the frontpage extensions it uses. Even though you might argue that Windows can't handle such foldernames, it's not correct. Windows can handle such folders very well, you just can't create them with the explorer.

However, this bug applies only when you use web projects, which is not the same as ASP.NET projects. Usually, when you want to create an ASP.NET project, you choose to create a web project. But you can create or convert an ASP.NET project as a class project. With some minor tweaking, you won't notice the difference, and you then can use TortoiseSVN and SVN with .svn folders without problems.

There is a really good blog post that helps you to convert your ASP.NET web projects to ASP.NET class project. You can find it here . If you follow those instructions, you'll have a VS.NET working with ASP.NET projects and Subversion without troubles.

Alternatively, upgrade your copy of VS.NET. The bug has been fixed in VS.NET2005, so it no longer has this problem. 

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