[darcs-users] Why Bitkeeper still wins

Peter Busser busser at m-privacy.de
Tue Mar 22 07:20:48 UTC 2005


> Monotone is interesting.  It shares some of the more innovative
> features of Darcs, notably the fact that a patch has a globally unique
> identifier and that a repository may contain a conflict (a ``divergence''
>  in Monotone parlance).  I was less impressed by the way Monotone
> handles merging (sorry, I forget the details), and by the ``binary all
> the way through'' approach: binary on-disk format, binary patch
> interchange protocol.

Last time I looked at Monotone, it did not support cherry-picking. And it uses 
SHA-1 hashes for everything. SHA-1 is starting to reach the end its useful 


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