[darcs-users] rollback & revert

Alexei Matveev matveev at theochem.tu-muenchen.de
Tue Mar 22 11:48:22 UTC 2005

Dear Darcs Users,

What is the best way to
    "rollback" both repo state AND working copy state.
As far as I understand
leaves the working copy in a "modified" state,
so that one need to
but only newly appeared "local changes" due
to rollback.

Another question: what is the best way
to generate "diff -u" representation of
patches? (to propagate to the master CVS).
I can only think of
    dvs record -m PENDING
    dvs unrecord -p PATCH
    dvs diff -u > PATCH.diff
followed by repo/workdir recovery
    dvs revert -a
    dvs pull -p PATCH
(too much I think)

I am not on the list, please CC me,


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