[darcs-users] Re: identical change conflict?

Deliverable Mail deliverable at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 16:07:24 UTC 2005

In case you don't follow all that mumbo-jumbo with multiple SCMs,
here's a simple, purely darcs case.  Create a local repo and mirror it
in a remote repo.  Create a text file in one repo and sync it into
the other.  Now do this: add a line to the file in the local repo and
record.  Then go to the remote, ADD THE SAME LINE MANUALLY BEFORE
SYNCING, so that the files are now in fact identical in source but not
as recorded in the auxiliary _darcs directories.  Now darcs pull from local --
you'll get a conflict, the SAME SINGLE LINE now surrounded 
by angry arrowheads, without stars as it's, um, still THE SAME single line.
If darcs were to check that the result of aplying the patch to the last
commit would indeed yield the "modified" file verbatim, perhaps it might see
there's no conflict and not bother with it?  At least I'd love to see
an option to tell it that's the case, --auto-resolve-identical or
something similar.


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