[darcs-users] Re: Can I disable \xx quoting in record --interactive?

Albert Reiner areiner at tph.tuwien.ac.at
Wed Mar 23 13:53:19 UTC 2005

[Tommy Pettersson <ptp at lysator.liu.se>, Tue, 22 Mar 2005 22:20:48 +0100]:
> Unfortunately line numbers won't be the same.  It would work,
> but when darcs asks you if you want to record
>  hunk foo.l 15
>  -(let (foo (gaz)) foo)
>  +(let (foo (bar)) foo)
> it might be at some other line than 15 in the working file.

I see - of course.  Not that I ever used the line numbers so far, but
that is probably because I know my source and my changes well enough.

OTOH, this would be less of an issue when some context is displayed,
except for people with highly repetitive code.


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