[darcs-users] Re: Darcs and a single developer working on multiple workstations

Steven E. Harris seh at panix.com
Wed Mar 23 23:18:34 UTC 2005

"Steven E. Harris" <seh at panix.com> writes:

> I can do that too, but as I have done with BitKeeper in the past.

Let me finish that sentence.

As I have done with BitKeeper in the past, I'd rather not waste the
disk space and effort to maintain a personal copy for the good of one,
when having buy-in from the system administrators would make the same
effort work for the good of all.

Also, I ran into a problem at a different ISP when they configured the
SSH server to deny user-configurable environment variables. When the
BitKeeper client would connect over SSH, it couldn't find my local BK
installation on the server because no amount of environment variable
or script twiddling could override or augment the system-constrained
path. If that BK installation had been approved and sitting in, say,
/usr/local/bin, the SSH restrictions wouldn't have cut me off.

Steven E. Harris

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