[darcs-users] easy way to globally change author-id

Thomas Zander zander at kde.org
Wed Mar 30 09:13:38 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 30 March 2005 05:20, Keith Irwin wrote:
> Folks--
> I'd like to put some "private" repositories out on the net.  Just
> hobby projects is all.  However, a lot of patches have my "corporate"
> email address attached to them and I'd rather they didn't.
> Is there a way to change all those attributions without losing all the
> patch history?
> Is it a matter of uncompressing each patch, editing the email address,
> and zipping it back up?

Two things you should know;
patches are not always compressed, they do, however, always have the .gz 

do an explicit 'cp -r' of your repository before trying anything on your 
_darcs/patches dir since changing a repo that you got by a 'darcs get foo 
bar'  will alter both repos because darcs uses hardlinks between them.

Thomas Zander
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