[darcs-users] Re: Darcs and a single developer working on multiple workstations

Philipp Kern pkern at debian.org
Wed Mar 30 10:03:44 UTC 2005

On 29 Mar 2005, at 11:13, goran.krampe at bluefish.se wrote:
> Squeak (which is a super crossplatform Smalltalk) has code for SMTP
> delivery in the standard image (and hey, the code is trivial) and we 
> use
> it for really easy bug reports and the equivalence of "darcs send" for 
> a
> simple way of sharing improvements and fixes. The code just asks the
> user for a server and a "from" email.

In today's world this requires that you know either the target SMTP 
server or one which allows you relaying from your IP. It looks as it 
has no support for SMTP AUTH or so. Just as a personal example: Apart 
from using SMTP-after-POP3 which I do not use on any server, I could 
not relay anything from my connection without using AUTH, as my ISP 
does not anymore provide a SMTP server which accepts my from address.

Implementing an own SMTP-layer might not be that easy as one might 
think of.

Philipp Kern
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