[darcs-users] Re: Darcs and a single developer working on multiple workstations

Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho antti-juhani at kaijanaho.info
Wed Mar 30 20:09:11 UTC 2005

On 20050330T120344+0200, Philipp Kern wrote:
> In today's world this requires that you know either the target SMTP 
> server or one which allows you relaying from your IP.

The basic algorithm is "try to deliver to the best MX, if it does not
accept connections, try the next best MX etc", but that works only if
the sender is able to make unrestricted connections to arbitrary IP
addresses on the SMTP port, and that arbitrary Mail eXchangers are
willing to take messages from the sender's IP address.  Both assumptions
are in general false in this day and age, mainly due to the spam and
mail-virus problems: ISP's often block outgoing SMTP from dialup
connections (except to their designated smarthost, of course) and many
MX's reject connections from known dialup IP addresses.

> Implementing an own SMTP-layer might not be that easy as one might 
> think of.

It's just a matter of coding.  However, the problem is that it cannot
work out of the box, instead it must be configured.  And really, it is
better to configure the system mailer once than to configure every
mail-sending application separately.  (Of course, if the system mailer
is crap, one is in a situation - but that is easily fixed by changing
the system mailer, and if that can't be done, changing the system.  Who
has any use for a broken system?)
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