[darcs-users] Re: .darcs is portable

Dustin Sallings dustin at spy.net
Thu Mar 31 03:56:39 UTC 2005

On Mar 30, 2005, at 14:42, Csaba Henk wrote:

> I know that Schwern and maybe some others would prefer .darcs... I just
> can't get why.
> I as darcs doens't use one external collection of the repos rather does
> everything in place, the only indicator of the presence of darcs 
> control
> are the metadata files/dirs. If you make them hidden, you hide a
> precious information. It seems to me that .darcs would just obfuscate
> things.

	I really have to wonder how much of your time you spend worrying about 
whether the directory you're in is under darcs control.  I mean, why 
not just assume that if it was when you did an init, it still is, and 
let the record tell you that it wasn't?

	And would you just panic if you had a project with a subdirectory?

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