[darcs-users] Re: .darcs is portable

Jonathan rise at knavery.net
Thu Mar 31 05:36:58 UTC 2005

On Wed, 30 Mar 2005 Csaba Henk wrote: 

> I as darcs doens't use one external collection of the repos rather
> does everything in place, the only indicator of the presence of
> darcs control are the metadata files/dirs. If you make them hidden,
> you hide a precious information. It seems to me that .darcs would
> just obfuscate things.

I'd agree, it's not critical locally but the visual indicator is very
convenient for me when I'm working with dist copies and repositories
of the same tree.  Where I think it's even more useful is in web
hosted public repositories - many web configs hide dotfiles, so the
_darcs directory gives us a visual indicator that we can use pull &
get that we don't have with the .darcs scheme.  In fact with a host
that goes further and disallows dotfile access .darcs would be kill
http access.  I'd strongly prefer that if support for .darcs is added
_darcs is kept as an option.

I keep my home directory under darcs.  Adding support for .darcs would
prevent that, require a nasty kludge to distinguish .darcs the data
dir from .darcs the preference dir, or a flag day renaming the latter
to .darcs-prefs or some such.  My preferred option would be the
latter, it's not too annoying to rename the directory and better to do
it now then when there are more users.

Jonathan Conway                                                rise at knavery.net

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