[darcs-users] Re: bookmarks

Csaba Henk dzsekijo at creo.hu
Thu Mar 31 08:01:50 UTC 2005

On 2005-03-31, Max Battcher <me at worldmaker.net> wrote:
> Csaba Henk wrote:
>> So, what do you think of supporting a lightweight, non-constraining form
>> of archive registry, namely bookmarks?
> I wrote a long post where I talked about this sort of thing.  IMO, this 
> really is something that doesn't need to be in darcs because it is a 
> knowledge problem more than a source control problem.

Hm. The interface of darcs is a problem of darcs itself, imho. Not the
central problem, but an inevitable one (just like with any piece of

If there are many ways to do something, then it's better to postpone the
impementation and fixing the design as much as it's possible or until it
becomes crystal clear what's _the_ right thing.

However, when I say, "implement bookmarks", it should be quite
straightforward what I mean, and how that look like, without much
ambiguities, without making design a problem.

I'd be interested in your post. Could you give me a pointer?

> Basically, there are a number of ways to do this, based on your work 
> flow and protocols of choice.  There are a number of tools you could use 
> to do this outside of darcs (like the recently mentioned environment 
> variables), and if you couldn't find one you liked you could write your own.

See my other reply in this thread about the advantages of this feature
being intergrated.

> Darcs does have two tools you might find useful, though: 1) darcs keeps 
> track of the last repo used and will automatically use it if one is not 
> specified when using push/pull/send, and 2) darcs keeps a list of all 
> the repos pushed, pulled, or sent to.  The storage of the information is 
> in _darcs/prefs/.  The second one is used by the shell tab-completion 
> scripts you can find for darcs.

This is a useful information, I didn't know it, thanks!

It helps the problem at some rate... Partly the user interaction (if you
use shell completion), but for giving an uniform access to some useful
list of repos.

It's neat that you can just write "darcs pull" upon an upgrade, I didn't
know it. (Actually I tought it's not possible and I spotted it for myself
as a point where the ui sucks. What a pleasant surprise that I was



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