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Max Battcher me at worldmaker.net
Thu Mar 31 13:09:17 UTC 2005

Csaba Henk wrote:
> Unix shells' features are sorely lacking. They won't give you
> reflection, and flexible configuration of these data. Even if you can do
> something like this, that will be an ugly, painful kludge. (How good I
> don't write anymore anything in shell over 3 LOC...)

I'm not sure what you mean here.  If you make a ~/darcs_paths file and 
include it as a call in your ~/.profile or ~/.bash_rc (or whatever) you 
can do all sorts of things you wanted...

Get where a particular path points:

Get the list of paths:
less darcs_paths

You could create a grep line to pull just the variable name if you only 
wanted that.

You could easily add a new path:

echo NEWPATH=/some/path/to/repo >> darcs_paths

Deleting one would require a bit more work, but you could find several 
ways to do it.

> Otoh, if such an info would be made available by darcs itself, other
> kind of interfaces (guis, eg.) could make use of it in an uniform and
> predictable way. As by the current situation, the gui designer wouldn't
> know of my cool cli wrappers/filters. And then, if s/he also happens to
> be considered about this problem, s/he will roll her/his own, in an
> arbitrary way...

If you use a psuedo-protocol (set decent values for $DARCS_GET_FOO and 
$DARCS_APPLY_FOO then use foo:master or foo:someother) a GUI application 
might be none the wiser, but still allow you to use your own system.

I don't see a problem with GUIs rolling their own for this particular 
problem.  In many cases a GUI should be more specific to a particular 
workflow or pattern and should know a bit more about the problem space. 
  For instance, a "large project management system" might keep track of 
"master repositories" versus "branches" and might provide auto-paths or 
auto-names for the branches.  An existing project that does this in its 
own way is darcshive.

The "GUI" I've been thinking about writing would have its own way of 
dealing with repository paths and bookmarks that I wouldn't want mucked 
up by or confused with a darcs-included bookmark system.

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