[darcs-users] Frustrations diffing against the last change to a file

Thomas Zander zander at kde.org
Thu Mar 31 16:01:32 UTC 2005

On Thursday 31 March 2005 17:48, you wrote:
> > Ehm; this has been explained before, plus that if you grok darcs you
> > wouldn't ask this..
> > Darcs works without version numbers since there is no ordering in the
> > revisions resorting is no problem, later inserting one is also not a
> > problem.  Hence; any numbering scheme usable for humans will be a
> > complicated thing that will only cause inconsistencies and annoyance.
> Not true in practice.  The tailorized version numbers that I mentioned in
> my previous note sometimes get out-of-order because I import
> SVN-originated patches in different order.  Doesn't bother me.

Now take a system where many people create patches on different machines and 
in the end they end up in one repo.  Which means they eventually end up in 
your own repo.
Now you have your last recorded patch #51 which, after a pull, suddenly is 
patch #67.
Thats the later insertion;  the resorting is a bit harder to explain; but 
very very real, and true in practice.

If you never happen to find these cases then you don't use the benefits of 
darcs and I advice you to use CVS or subversion instead to benefit from 
their version numbers.
Thomas Zander
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