[darcs-users] Trac + Darcs error

Lele Gaifax lele at nautilus.homeip.net
Sat Jul 8 23:59:17 UTC 2006

Eric Y. Kow wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 09, 2006 at 02:29:32 +0530, K.S.Sreeram wrote:
>> Since you were having the same problem, did you try some workaround for
>> this? I'm thinking about attempting to setup trac with svn, where the
>> svn repository is an automatic mirror of the main darcs repo. Any
>> thoughts on how this can be done?
> Perhaps
>   http://www.simplicidade.org/notes/archives/2005/08/trac_darcs_im_i.html
> Although, ideally Lele or some other coder would find himself with loads
> of trac-darcs hacking time on his/her hand and the bug would be fixed.
> Anybody up for some Python?

I'm so badly out of spare time to spend on trac+darcs. I know there are 
a few problems with its handling of renames, but I never managed to 
complete the workarounds I tried to code. I'm really sorry with the 
state of things, but unfortunately there's little I can do right now, 
and I think my scarce resources are better spent on tailor these days. 
There's always hope this will change in a couple of months, but don't 
take your breath on that.

ciao, lele.

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