[darcs-users] New long comments behavior under w2k doesn't work with my editor

Richard A. Smith rsmith at bitworks-inc.com
Wed Jul 12 19:46:40 UTC 2006

I reciently upgraded from 1.0.5rc1 to 1.0.8.

Today when I went to review my changes I noticed that all my recient 
long comments were missing.

After some investigation I've found that darcs is now doing something 
different that isn't compatible with my editor.

I use ultraedit as my primary editor on windows.

Under darcs 1.0.5rc1 if my ultraedit is alrady open and I do a darcs 
record with a long comment I would get a new duplicate copy of ultraedit 
with the long comment file open.  Add my text and exit and darcs saves.

Under 1.0.8 I do not get a duplicate copy of ultraedit but rather it 
opens up in my existing editor process as a new file.  But the moment 
the file opens darcs shows "Finished recording patch 'foo'" and I get an 
empty long comment.

If I am not currently running a copy of uedit then 1.0.8 works like 
1.0.5rc1 where it waits until I exit the editor and my long comments are 

I've also tried with context http://www.context.cx/ and both 1.0.5rc1 
and 1.0.8 fail to work. Same problem. darcs records before the file is 

Richard A. Smith
Bitworks, Inc

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