[darcs-users] Re: Wiki with Darcs backend?

Tuomo Valkonen tuomov at iki.fi
Tue Jul 18 23:09:50 UTC 2006

On 2006-07-18, Mark Seaborn <mseaborn at onetel.com> wrote:
> I imagine such a system could be useful as a way for people to easily
> edit documentation and submit their changes to a maintainer.  They
> could modify a publicly-editable version, while a maintainer of an
> authoritative version of the document could selectively pull patches
> from that into their branch.

Someone has worked on something for ikiwiki <http://ikiwiki.kitenet.net>,
and in any case it should be quite easy to to add some primitive support. I
actually also did some basic support myself, contemplating to use it for
something; but then it wasn't quite getting the features that I needed
(unrelated to the rcs aspect) despite lengthy discussions, so I lost
interest in it.

The last time I checked, ikiwiki RCS backends received pre-modified files on
the filesystem, that they were supposed to commit. I think that for darcs
and other DVCSs a better architechture would, however, be for the wiki
software to to actually generate the patch bundle itself (storing the
context and original copy of the file as hidden elements of the html edit
form, this having the client maintain the state information), which should
be quite easy for changes affecting single files with standard diff


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