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Tommy Pettersson ptp at lysator.liu.se
Thu Jul 20 22:57:08 UTC 2006

On Thu, Jul 20, 2006 at 03:21:58PM -0700, Nathaniel Gray wrote:
> Is there some trick that can make this work sensibly or do I have to 
> resort to some kind of horrific send-log-message that tries to compute 
> what's changed by itself?

The posthook doesn't carry any other information than that the
command issuing the posthook succeeded. This will hopefully
improve in the future. Until then you'll have to resort to some
horrific solution.

One way (not tested) could be something like:

  darcs send --dry-run --summary --context=list-ctx-file | mail a at b.c
  darcs changes --context > list-ctx-file

Tommy Pettersson <ptp at lysator.liu.se>

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